Pinterest: Indulging the Daydream

As a teen, I spent hours daydreaming, flipping through magazines, scouring the pages for the latest fashions, gadgets, inspirations and celebrity photos. I’d clip images and create poster collages for everything I loved and hoped to become, cool things I wanted to buy, and great athletes I wanted to be like. In general, it was inspiration for the future. These posters adorned the walls of my bedroom, inside the door of my locker and the covers of most of my notebooks (along with some really awesome doodles I did during class).

Digital dreaming

Fast forward 15(ish) years and I’ve started doing the same thing. Only, this time, it’s different. My tastes have changed and the collecting method is digital. Now I’m using my Pinterest account to collect things that inspire me or that I’d like to do/use/have.

Pinterest is an online network that allows users to find images and videos and recipes and DIY projects (get the picture?) and then “pin” them to boards that you create and organize. Other users can follow your boards and like or “repin” the things you’ve pinned. It’s a great way to collect ideas or inspirations, share them with your friends and get their feedback. Pinterest isn’t exactly new (it was founded in 2008), but its invite-only network has become wildly popular in the past six months, especially with women aged 25 – 54.

Inspiring and efficient

Besides being much cleaner than methods of old (goodbye piles of magazines and stinky glue), Pinterest is efficient. (Well, at least it can be, as long as you don’t let yourself get caught up daydreaming.) You can quickly surf through new pins from your computer, tablet or smartphone thanks to Pinterest’s handy app. Also, you can actually purchase related merchandise or download the recipe/project plans you’re lusting after by clicking on a pin and going to the original website from where the concept was pulled.

If you were like me as a teen and are longing to relive your glory days of collage making or are just interested in checking out Pinterest, leave me a comment, and I will invite you to join the network. I promise you will get oodles of great ideas in a matter of minutes from lots of major brands, such as Gap, Kate Spade, Martha Stewart, Lowe’s, etc. Pinterest is kind of like a curated online lifestyle magazine of the future – and I’d love for you to join me in the creative adventure.