Adventures with Disneyland’s creative director

Photo by Deb Ferrell

– Deb Ferrell, jhP Creative Director

During a family spring break trip to Disneyland this year, I had the opportunity to meet and have dinner with the Creative Art Director and Concept Architect at Walt Disney Imagineering, Bo Bolanos.

My daughter and I met Bo at the Disneyland entrance and had no idea who he was at first. Bo was, per a friend’s request, scheduled to let us in to the park. He walked up to my daughter and me, decked out in a suit and tie. Then we began to chat. I asked him what he did at Disney and – in a very unassuming way – he responded, “I’m kind of like an art director.” Continue Reading …

From jhP to NPR and back again

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Texas-raised writer and editor who first joined the  jhP family in May 2016. I craft and hone words and taglines that appear in communications for jhP clients – with occasional mentoring insights from Kurt Eskilson. Much of what I do is creative and technical, working closely with account executives and the creative dream team. But that’s not where my career began. Continue Reading …

jhP Beer-ology


Our jhP beer enthusiasts enjoy a good beer in great company every Friday at this fun thing called Beer-30. And guess what? You’re invited to join us next Friday via Facebook Live! Crack open your favorite craft brew and tune in at 4:30 p.m. to win two tickets for the fourth-annual “TAP THAT Topeka” Capital Brew Festival on June 25.

Kansas craft beer lovers, “TAP THAT Topeka” is for you. There will be 140 craft beers at the fest and lucky for you, it is only two weeks away.

Back to Beer-30. What is it and why do we do it?  Continue Reading …

Partnerology: It’s jhP tourney time, baby!


It’s March again, and anyone who is halfway paying attention knows what that means – something about madness this month? People seem to really be into basketball around here. (It’s Kansas. Go figure.)

In the spirit of the season, jhP is launching our own tournament of a slightly different variety – it’s the jhP Partnerology Tournament! It honors great partnerships ­– the very thing we try to create every day with each other and with our clients. (Plus, it’s fun.)

A partnership is people joining forces to do more than they could alone. But what makes a partnership great? So many things: Shared vision. Mutual trust and respect. Yin meeting yang. Plus the magical spark that occurs when talents, visions and energy blend into something a bit more. That spark that ignites between partners ­– that’s what we’re after. That’s the P in jhP. And that’s what we’re celebrating.

So, every day these next two weeks on jhP’s Facebook account, we’re putting great partners head-to-head and inviting our clients, friends and YOU to vote. The key question: Which duo did partnership better? Vote for who you think made magic the best!

Are you digitally diverse? Rethinking your digital strategy

216JHP051_Rethinking Digital Strategy_Blog_1_0_EP

How confident are you that your digital strategy is serving you well? Is it effectively putting your brand in front of your target audience? While most brands understand their marketing efforts must include a digital component, it’s probably time for many businesses to re-evaluate their digital strategy. Continue Reading …

jhP’s 2016 ADDY Haul – By the Dozen x 2

jhP's 2016 ADDY award winning workThis weekend, the jhP team stepped out at the stylin’ 2016 ADDY Awards, which sported rather fitting Mad Men-themed décor, fashion and hijinks.

We were impressed by the creative work of our peers from across the region and overjoyed to walk away with 24 ADDY awards – 5 Gold ADDYs and 19 Silver ADDYs – honoring a diverse body of work we produced in partnership with our clients. This year’s ADDYs honored our work in branding and design, still photography and video, audio soundtrack, web design, digital strategy and 3D installation. Continue Reading …

Hispanic Marketing Part 2: Don’t talk to strangers

Hispanic Marketing: Don't Talk to Strangers

In our last blog on Hispanic marketing, we analyzed common (and embarrassing) ways companies alienate the Hispanic market when they’re actually trying to win their business.

They all reflected a common theme: understanding what conveys respect to the audience. Didn’t Aretha Franklin say it the best? R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Find out what it means to me. Meaningfully engaging anybody requires knowing what constitutes respect to that person. Marketers need more than a superficial understanding of the Hispanic market to know exactly who they’re talking to. Because successful messaging is never talking to strangers. Continue Reading …

Click away, you say? Dig the jhP 2015 Interactive Holiday Video!

How do we wish you a happy, happy holiday? With jhP’s interactive holiday video! Something new just for you. And we don’t just want to talk to you – we want to hear from you, too. So click away, and when we prompt you, make your choices to get into the jhP holiday spirit.

To get the most out of this video, we highly (oh, so highly) recommend you behold it on a big screen to attain maximum enjoyment conditions. That said …

Using an iPhone or iPad? Then 1. Download the free Interlude app here, and 2. Return here to enjoy, enjoy! 

Hispanic Marketing Part 1: More than Español


It’s hardly news that the Hispanic market – in all categories – is lucrative and growing in population, education and buying power. The 52 million Hispanics in the U.S. are projected to spend $1.5 trillion this year. That’s why companies of all sizes are trying to win them as customers – it’s smart business.

But in 2015, Hispanic marketing still too often misfires when companies aren’t fluent in the Hispanic customer mindset. In fact, sometimes Hispanic marketing is downright bad. Some of the common offenders: Continue Reading …

The holy grail of marketing: jhP tracks true ROI

jhP Tracks True ROI

Once a marketing campaign is done, all promotions have run and the bills are paid, what do clients always want to know? What’s the return on investment?

Ah, the ROI question. It can be a conundrum, can’t it? Answering it has always been a challenge requiring strategic measurement to arrive at an educated estimate. And still it’s inexact because the real goal is to prove an ad is directly connected to an outcome. Which has made pinning down exact ROI challenging.

Until now. That’s what jhP learned, thanks to new tracking technology provided by Arrivalist, a leading location-change attribution company. Continue Reading …